The Legal Care Plan Attorney

David C. Brunell, Attorney at Law

Our Services

For almost 30 years, Attorney Dave Brunell has served the metropolitan Detroit area.  Dave helps solve client problems through education with a holistic approach.  He is an unconventional problem solver.  Dave has developed the legal life care plan system to help provide client education and useable estate plans to families, couples, individuals and domestic partners. 


We offer three (3) levels of service to our clients:

1.     Our Unique Services

CAREGIVERS - We educate and organize caregivers from the legal perspective

LOST A SPOUSE OR SUDDENLY SINGLE - We help reorganize and rebuild your legal life.

ESTATE PLANS FOR EVERYONE - Our holistic legal life care plan is a new type of estate plan that works for everyone - families, individuals, couples and partners.


2.     Traditional Services

Our estate planning services include education, planning and drafting.

Probate Estate Administration

Trust Administration

Revocable Living Trusts

Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts


Durable Powers of Attorney for financial management

Patient Advocate / Powers of Attorney for Health Care

HIPAAA Compliance

End of life planning  / Life sustaining preferences

Advanced directives

Firearms and estate planning issues

Medical history

Real Estate Transfers

Trust Administration




3.     Recommended Services outside our office.

We provide referrals for other important life services.

Life insurance beneficiary audit

Social security planning

Wealth health check-up

Pre-retirement audit

IRA preservation planning

Safe money investing

In-home care  (medical and non-medical services)





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