The Legal Care Plan Attorney

David C. Brunell, Attorney at Law

Our Firm

Our law firm’s guiding principles.

         1.         Client education is paramount.

         2.         Organization is necessary.

         3.         Preparation reduces stress and costs.

         4.         Stewardship should always be considered.

         5.         Family harmony and the protection of loved-ones is the focus.

         6.         Peace of mind is the goal.

         7.         Teach potential caregivers how to prepare to take legal care.

         8.         Help those caregivers who failed to prepare.

         9.         Employ a holistic approach to client preparation and planning.        

         10.        Remember to have some fun.


Law Firm Background.

Since 1988, my law firm has earned a reputation for our emphasis on client education and exceptional customer service with an often unconventional approach to problem solving.  Our legal life impacts every one of us at some point.  What you do not know about your legal life, always seem to cost you in dollars and stress.  Our holistic educational approach helps our clients understand how their legal life impacts their situation.  This approach allows the client to be more proactive, reducing stress and costs.  We have served a wide variety of clients including caregivers, individuals, families, special needs families, widows, those facing impending surgery, seniors, home owners, churches, financial planners, CPA’s, credit unions, business owners and other attorneys. Our law firm will handle matters from the routine to the complex through a network of time-tested professionals, while always maintaining traditional personal service.  Our ability to teach helps the client make more informed decisions, retain more control over the outcome of their case and gain a more satisfying result.  Our focus is to obtain the objectives established by our clients while helping them to feel comfortable about the process. 




I am the legal life care plan attorney.  My speciality is helping clients prepare to take legal care.  My system teaches clients how to organize their legal lives and create a holistic legal care plan.  For those who fail to effectively plan for their legal life, I also help clean up the mess and handle all probate matters. 

My story:

I had received my undergraduate degree in 1984 from Eastern Michigan University.  In 1988, Ihad earned my Juris Doctorate from the Detroit College of Law.  As a practicing attorney for over 25 years, my focus has been on handling estates, real estate and probate matters.  My approach to client service is strongly based on client education.  My professional memberships include the Kingdom Advisors, Federal Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan, probate, estate planning, elder law and disability sections and the Federal Citizen Emergency Response Team program.  I am a member of the Christian based Life Style Giving Society and a member of the Northridge Church Security Ministry.  My wife, Cindi and I are the proud parents of Zac.  My family enjoys active membership at Northridge Church.

My guide is Isaiah 46:10   “produce extraordinary results, influence people and impact lives”.  In order to positively impact peoples lives my goal is to provide the legal education necessary for clients to avoid the stress and the unnecessary expense when be coming a caregiver or a care-needer.  Our lives can change in an instant.  Every one of us will eventually require another’s care or become a caregiver.  We all have a legal life that no one tells us about.  Most of us will suffera legal crisis and be compelled to hire an attorney to guide us through our legal issue.  I maintain most of the stress and unnecessary expense can be avoided with a little education and preparation.  

After many years of helping clients navigate the stressful and expensive world of probate, I created the Legal Care Plan System.  My legal care plan system provides crucial education for every client.  We teach clients how to organize their legal lives, then we offer a holistic approach to prepare clients to take care of themselves, their children, spouse, parents or other loved ones.

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